GOLDEN GREEN, Los Angeles was created with the vision of becoming one of the premier Full Service Apparel Manufacturer within the Fashion Industry. The site you're on now is AMFM, a new way for fashion brands to get wholesale orders online -- with the option of "crowdsourced minimums" for small to medium-sized fashion brands and startups.

Since our founding, Golden Green has been known as a trusted partner of industry veterans and innovative new wave fashion brands alike — from Target & Nordstroms to J Brand & Tommy Bahamas.

Our proven ability to accommodate customer needs includes conceptualizing design and crafting new product development presentations. We incorporate every facet of fashion design and development into our world-class production process. That has made Golden Green a key part of the strategy of brands you know and love.

We love executing production for big players with big visions. But we also love nurturing and coaching startup brands, utilizing our decades of market experience to bring a new fashion line to life.

Our Competitive Advantage? Pooled Orders. Crowdsourcing Fashion Production.

We let fashion brands pool orders. This is sort of like "crowdsourcing" to reach minimum quantities needed to go into production. For instance, if the minimum quantity is 100 items and you want 10, you can get your order when the necessary quantity is reached. Our site keeps you updated on the percentage of orders thus far and how close we are to your goal.

Golden Green Design and Product Development Teams collaborate with Tech Teams, working tirelessly to present the latest trends, fabric sources, and techniques that allow our customers’ brands to innovate and dominate in the apparel market.

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